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 Commingling has nothing to do with being with loved ones -- not unless you like eripping your loved ones off. It's the insidious practice by some property managers who take YOUR co-op or condo building's cash and mix it into accounts containing OTHER buildings' cash. As you can imagine, it makes proper accounting difficult and embezzlement a piece of pie. How do you spot it? How do you stop it? And whatever happened to Charter Management? Attorney Kenneth Citarella and accountant Mindy Eisenberg Stark, both certified fraud examiners, tell you the sordid truth about commingling in this exclusive video from HABITAT, the 28-year-old magazine for co-op and condo boards

Finance Committee Meeting .

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Operations committee meeting September 2016

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David Israel's WI Fl plan puts his hands deeper into your pockets.
Despite clear evidence of overwhelming opposition David Israel is forging ahead with plans to initiate broadband WI Fl service in the village. The new plans outlined at a committee meeting calls for increased rates for a package of     internet or telephone   and cable T.V. services.

Atlantic Broadband representatives were queried at the meeting about the scope and the costs of the proposed project. It is clear that an original proposal included the ability to choose TV itself or additional services for each individual association. Those choices were withdrawn because of David’s passion to Wi-Fi the village despite not having the authority as is clearly stated in the bi-lateral agreement. The issue of universal Wi-Fi has been turned down several time by the delegates. In actual fact it is not up to the delegates as a group to approve universal Wi-F. It falls to each individual owner because of our core documents. A recent Florida case underscores that fact.     A recording of the meeting can be heard by opening our website (www.centuryvillagemessengerclub.com) and clicking on the audio player in the top right corner of the homepage.

Our calculations based on figures presented by Atlantic Broadband reps proposes an additional cost of $25.00 a month per unit over and above the $33.00 fee we pay now for cable TV service. Doing the math puts the total additional cost of the ten-year contract at around $24,000,000.00.

That’s a princely sum of money to lay out for a service that   most residents don't want , and it's a bit disconcerting that David Israel would entertain any idea of initiating WI Fl or broadband or anything else with an enormous outlay of money without a  legal authority to do so while  subjecting UCO to a possible law suit.

An article explaining the plan is published in the latest edition of the CV MESSENGER which is posted on our website.

Opposition for the plan comes from among others the many snowbirds who are opposed to paying extra fees every month for a service they will use only for the few months they are in residence. Then there's the residents who will be compelled to pay but don't own computers, don't know how to use the internet and show little if any interest in it.

Notices that Broadband committee meetings are being cancelled for one reason or another are posted with a not too surprising frequency. Without committee meetings plans are being formulated in the dark with little or no input from residents.

Standing back and allowing David Israel to continue in his crusade for WI Fl can only lead to higher monthly fees attached to each and every condo in Century Village. Rosy predictions that condo prices will be enhanced by the addition of WI Fl don't add up when one considers that one of the first things prospective buyers investigate is the cost of monthly fees they will be taking on with the purchase of an unit.


Some associations in Century Village have already installed WI Fl in their buildings at an average cost of $5.00 a month per unit and are not tied into a ten-year contract. Many other Associations have opted out based on prior failed efforts to force this folly upon the village. Many other unit holders are   experiencing difficult financial times and paying for a frill they do not want is a nonsense.     Compared to the $25.00 a unit proposed by David Israel's plans it's not hard to see the fallacy of Israel’s plans

The bottom line is that David Israel has no authority to negotiate a contract. His plan takes away any choice you may have in choosing service, and the increases in fees will be mandatory and universal..


There's vendor fraud, bidding fraud, accounting fraud ... they're sharp, those fraudsters. But co-op and condo boards can be sharp, too. In this four-minute video, attorney Kenneth Citarella and accountant Mindy Eisenberg Stark, both certified fraud examiners, tell you what you need to know. Board members are volunteers and laymen, after all, so some unscrupulous folks find them easy targets. Turn the tables on them, with this exclusive video from HABITAT, the 28-year-old magazine for co-op and condo boards. 

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December Special Edition

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Walk out protest.

Cyber Threats

Fire in Dover A Aug 29 2015 Exclusive pictures 



The Finance Committee breaks the Sunshine Laws by denying access to "Renters"


​​​We, all of us members of UCO, pay for EVERYTHING, even if we don't own it. Take the Main Clubhouse, for instance. We pay for taxes, insurance, maintenance, employees, electricity,  water, repairs........and it goes on and on and on, just like we own the building and grounds.
We even pay for the air we breathe in the clubhouse.
So, one might think.....then how come we can't use the building in the manner that we wish?
It is my understanding that WPRF, using their attorney, wrote up a document stating that authoritative decisions were granted to UCO. The letter was written to UCO, namely, David Israel.
Legally, I am advised, Israel has no right to make any decisions that arbitrarily affect members of UCO, --- about 14,000 members. The Board of Directors has that right, and they are the DELEGATES.
WPRF's attorney has stated in the past that all inquiries should be made to the UCO President because he holds the right to tell everyone what they can and can't do relative to the use of
the clubhouse. Eva is merely following orders. Where is that letter? Israel first made the statement that no such letter was ever written, -- then he recanted and stated that the letter is lost.


Israel does not want to produce the letter because it could put him in serious hot water. It would put him on the wrong side of a legal argument and he can't tolerate being put in such a position.
Just to simplify things to put them in proper perspective and understanding what injustices have occurred: Assume you rent an apartment in the Village. You're given a rental agreement
that says you pay for the real estate taxes, insurance, electric, condo fees, and water and sewer. Then by some third-party agreement in writing you are unaware of, you are advised that you can't hang any pictures on the walls, you must keep your shades down all of the time, and you can use the toilets only 4 times a week, unless the third party says that you can. What do you say ......Okay!! You stand up, if you have any backbone, and tell the Owner to go pound sand.
David Israel has plenty of these backroom nasty secrets. Where is that letter Mr. Israel?
You knew that WPRF couldn't prevent all UCO members from using the clubhouse in a manner they saw fit, so you solicited WPRF and was secretly granted the power to impose certain sanctions upon use of the clubhouse, just like you owned the building personally.


Read more about the underhanded tactics of CV administration in the SCANDALS SERIES BY EDUARDO



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